10 Reasons to buy a PS3 over the Xbox 360

10 Reasons to buy a PS3 over the Xbox 360. We look at the pros and cons of owning both consoles and tell you why the PS3 is the better option

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Ten reasons why we think Sony’s PlayStation 3 is a better buy than Microsoft’s Xbox 360. Read on and you will see why it makes sense to buy a PS3 over an Xbox 360.

1. Playstation Network

First, the Sony Playstation is better than the PS3 because of the Playstation Network. The Playstation Network is so much clearer and easier to use than the Xbox 360 marketplace. It offers all the games, movies etc across all platforms.

2. Free Online Play

One of the biggest reasons why the PS3 is better than the XBox 360 is that online play is completely free. Xbox owners are forced to signup to Xbox Live for an extra £40 a year.

3. Built in BluRay

The PS3 comes with a built in BluRay player, this means that you can play films in high definition. The Xbox on the other hand does not have a BluRay player. The best Microsoft could do was to offer a HD DVD Player add on for an extra £100. HD DVD is now defunct anyway.

4. Exclusive PS3 Games

Another reason to choose the Sony Playstation 3 over the Xbox 360 is some of the awesome, exclusive PS3 games. These games include massive titles such as Metal Gear Solid, Killzone 2, Infamous, Little Big Planet and lots more.

5. Wireless Networking

If you want to connect your console to the internet wirelessly and we're sure you do, then this is another big plus point for the PS3. The PS3 comes with a built in Wireless Network adaptor, enabling you to connect to the internet wirelessly straight away. Whereas with the Xbox 360 you have to buy a separate adaptor for an extra £50 plus.

6. Sensor Buttons

Just a small thing, but the PS3's buttons including the Power and disk tray buttons are touch sensitive, giving it more of a cool gadget feel.

7. Changeable Hard Drive

Admittedly the Xbox 360's hard drive is easier to change but you have to buy specific Xbox official hard drives, as Microsoft have designed it so that no other hard drives will fit. With the PS3 on the other hand, you can buy any 2.5" hard drive and it will fit. So you can find the largest capacity disc that you can afford and fit it without problems.

8. Internet Browsing

Something really lacking from Xbox Live is access to the world wide web. This is something that the PS3 has to offer that the Xbox 360 does not. You can browse the internet using your PS3 and a controller. All you need is an internet connection and you can go online on your PS3 visiting all your favorite websites. Even the Nintendo Wii and Sony PSP have a web browser, so this is very bad for the Xbox 360.

9. PSP Remote Play

If you have a PSP as well as a PS3 you can connect the handheld machine to the PS3 and use it for remote play. This allows you to see your PS3 screen on your PSP making it easer to change music at parties etc. Microsoft do not have this feature with the Xbox 360 as they do not yet have a handheld games console.

10. PSN Uses Real Currency - No Points Required

The last reason to buy a PS3 over a Xbox 360 is the fact that when you buy things from the Playstation Network you can buy items using real money. This means you don't need to spend any more than you want or need to. With the Xbox 360 you are tied in to buying Microsoft points. As you have to buy points in set amounts, this invariably means you're always going to be buying more than you need to redeem against a game or other DLC.


At £249.99, the PS3 Slim may cost around £70 more than the equivalent Xbox 360, but in both the long and the short term the PS3 works out far cheaper.

For new Xbox owners connecting their console to the Internet, one of the first things they may need to buy is a wireless adaptor. This is £50 that a PS3 owner will not have to pay out. The alternative is to run ethernet cables around your house and that gets messy.

High Definition films are becoming the main stream now, making old DVD players redundant. Soon there will be a BluRay player in almost every home. This is another thing PS3 owners do not have to buy as the PS3 already has a perfectly good BluRay player.

Online gameplay is free on both the Wii and PS3. For Xbox owners it is not free, as Microsoft requires players to sign up for Xbox Live Gold Membership. This is an ongoing cost and the price could go up if Microsoft decide to increase prices.